3 Things to check on your roof before the rainy season.

April showers are just around the corner.  Millions of homeowners will expirience a leaky roof.  A leaky roof can cause dry rot, cause damage to ceilings, ruin insulation and electrical.    There are 3 things every homeowner should inspect their home for before the rainy season hits.

***PLEASE NOTE***  Ladders are dangerous.  If you do not have real training with ladder and roof safety call in a professional.  Many roofing, landscaping, gutter, wildlife, and handyman companies provide these inspections and services at more than reasonable prices.

1. Gutters and Gutter covers:  There may be exceptions to your home needing gutters depending on the area you live, however most homes will have gutters on them.  Gutters should be inspected regularly and cleaned of all debris.  Drains should be rinsed to ensure no clogging has occurred.  Remove all acorns or other nuts that animals such as squirrels and woodpeckers may have stored.   Allowing debris to accumulate can cause damaged gutters, fascia board, and soffits.  These damaged areas allow for easy entry by mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons.   We highly recommend a quality gutter cover.  Our preferred gutter cover is Pest Armor.  If it can stop a squirrel, it can stop a leaf.







2.  Drip Edge:  This product is metal flashing cover meant to overhang the facia board on your home and push water out and away from the wood.  Drip edge is required even if you have gutters, it is designed to keep moisture away from your roof and into the gutters.  If you have an attic that runs all the way to the roof edge, then drip edge is also needed to keep out pest.  The facia board and roof deck rairly line up perfectly, and drip edge will seal that gap.  It is often necessary to do this to keep out an established bat colony.  Never should this area just be foamed in to keep out wildlife.  Below is a picture of facia damge without drip edge and a picture of a home with drip edge.

Properly installed drip edge
















3. Popped Nails:  Over time, your roof is going to shift.  As the seasons change there is going to be wind, cold, heat, and natural shifting are going to occur.  Over time, the nails come loose and can pop through the outer shingle.  While nails can be tapped back in and a layer of roofing adhesive applied, that is only a temporary fix.  If the nails are protruding through the shingle, the will most likely need to be replaced.  Many roofs come with installation warranties through the installer.








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