Bat Control Services

Bat control Northern California.

 “Bat Control Services: How Do I Get Bats Out of My Attic?”


We get these questions all the time:

  • • “Will putting lights in the attic get rid of bats?”
  • • “Does ammonia and moth balls get bats out of my attic?”
  • • “Can’t we just trap the bats?”

The short answer is no. Bats are a rightfully protected species and very important to our ecosystem.  The only legal and industry accepted way to get bats out of your attic is to properly exclude them, requiring specialized training and equipment.  As bats are a federally protected species,  due care and caution are needed to comply with all State and Federal laws.  Bats are also very ecologically important, and have declining numbers nation wide.

Bat Control Services

Gold Country Wildlife Removal offers bat control services throughout our service area in Sacramento and the surrounding areas including Nevada County, Placer County, and Yuba County. Using a combination of tried and true techniques and modern understanding of the habits and traits of bats and their colonies we have developed an exclusion program picked from the best in the industry. Exclusion services include a full inspection of your property, identifying potential access points throughout the structure, and then using industry-leading techniques and products to seal your home, office, or place of business from potential intrusion by bats. And these guys are tiny “How big of a gap can a bat fit through?”  It only takes 3/8th of an inch by 1 inch, about the size of a nickel!  You will begin to see most house will have dozens of entry points!

This work is best handled by professionals.

Exclusion Details

The process.

We completely seal all possible bat entry points with caulking, backer, steel, wood, and aluminum, as some species can fit in a hole the size of a nickel. Then we put up one way exclusion devices that allow the bats to exit but will not allow them to re-enter the structure. The whole colony will then work together to seek out a new living spaces, and of course, bat houses are available.

How Long does it take?

This process may take as little as five days, however in the colder climates may take longer as bats may hibernate. All of our bat work comes warrantied against re-entry.

Why Exclusion?

Spot treating on a particular entry point is not effective.  We must seal all possible entry points, to ensure we are not kicking them out one door only to have them go through another.  We use very little foam product compared to other companies.  Why?  Foam has poor UV resistance, and although effective against bats, it will do nothing to stop rodent.  Our exclusions provide you with additional protection.  Many of our repairs give you protection other “Bat Warranties” can’t.  Including protection against other common pest like squirrels, raccoons, and of course rats!

  • • It saves your property from costly damage ever happening.
  • • Our Exclusion services give you peace of mind, knowing that you are protected against a bat infestation.
  • • Exclusion services can increase your property value.
  • • Years of protection, and protection against other wildlife

Big Brown Bat Control Services

Don’t Wait!

Don’t let your property be overrun by a bat colony; bat infestations can breed disease and cause thousands of dollars of structural damage to your home. Invest in Gold Country Wildlife Removal’s bat exclusion service to protect your property today.  We truly can service almost all of Northern California.  Our primary service areas are Sacramento and the greater area including Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Davis, Auburn, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley, up to Truckee, Verdi, Reno and Sparks.  If your area is not listed, do not be afraid to call!  We will travel farther if you cannot find someone to help you who you can trust!