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Since we’re in Northern California, there are going to be plenty of Moles and Gophers digging around our yards, gardens, mulch beds, and various other spots. Guess why? Because they’re a bunch of gold diggers! At least, you’d think they were digging for gold with all the turf damage they cause to your proudly kept lawn. Gold Country Wildlife Control can help resolve mole and gopher problems, and fast!

Service Areas: Lawn Mole Trapping & Gopher Removal in Northern CA areas of Sacramento, Grass Valley, Alta Sierra, Penn Valley, Nevada City, Chicago Park, Truckee, Alta, Colfax, Tahoe, Lake of the Pines, Elders Corner, Auburn, Yuba City, Applegate, & Roseville.

Our company offers the best mole and gopher control services you could hope to find here in the Gold Country! You can rest assured that WE WILL put your problems to an end, and fast! Tap Here To Call On Mobile: (530) 760-7103

Our specialty is offering professional mole and gopher trapping and removal services to the general public. We are a private and family-owned company. As such, we charge standard service fees and rates based on our time, effort, and expertise to solve the issue professionally. We can get it done quick using advanced methods of trapping and removal for moles and gophers in Northern Cali.


Why Mole & Gopher Problems Will Get Worse With Time

These critters will create underground tunneling systems which, although impressive, can destroy months of lawn and mulch bed work in no time at all. When the problem is unaddressed it will get worse with time. Moles, in particular, are attracted to yards where other moles’ tunneling systems are available for use. Pest moles are solitary mammals in nature, but will not pass up the opportunity to claim an underground highway that has already been dug out for them. The moles are apparently just lazy like that!!

Gold Country Wildlife Control Is Seasoned In Mole & Gopher Removal Services

Instead of struggling trying to trap moles yourself, make the move and hand the task off to a team of trained professionals, like us. Our professional team has years of experience dealing with situations like yours. Moles & Gophers operate year-round, and so do we! If moles & gophers have taken over your yard, look no further than Gold Country Wildlife Control. We have the knowledge and experience to identify and create a workable solution to your wildlife issues around Sacramento, so give us a call at (530) 760-7103



How do I get rid of Gophers, Ground Squirrels, Voles, and Moles?

Simply put, with mole removal you have to eliminate them in one way or another.  We have simply seen no evidence that any electronic mole deterrent, spray, or granule can reliably solve mole, gopher, or ground squirrel control problems.  We frequently get calls where customers have tried gummy worms, gum, hair, glass, repellents and many, sonic deterrents.  They just don’t work.

Depending on the species, soil type, environment and other factors we have two primary way of approaching the elimination of burrowing animals.

Trapping:  The key to effective trapping is determining what species your particular property is being effected by.  Gophers, moles, voles, and ground squirrels each have unique diets and habits.  Different species have different eating habits and tunneling systems.  Likewise due to the varying diets and sizes, proper trap selection is imperative. Mole traps and gopher traps are not always interchangeable.  Trapping ground squirrels is a very different strategy as well!  A trained Wildlife Control Technician should be able to determine if you have gopher damage, mole mounds, or ground squirrel holes.

The Benefits of trapping include; Poison and chemical free, no second hand rodent exposure to predatory wildlife.  Trapping also produces provable results.  We give you a count of every mole removal!

Fumigation: We use a Carbon Monoxide Device that utilizes a smoke oil tracer to show you where most of the Carbon Monoxide is going.  Our machines are EPA registered devices specifically designed targeting and .

Fumigation Benefits: Non-species specific.  Fumigation works with high rates on most burrowing mammals with quick efficiency.  Carbon Monoxide works on moles, burrowing rats, gophers, voles destroying lawns, and ground squirrels. No secondary poisoning to predatory wildlife, not limited to trap numbers, fast results, no devices left out or animals exposed, cost effective for reducing damage to a tolerable level on large properties .  CO fumigation is shown to be a humane form of euthanasia according to the AVMA

Fumigation is popular at schools, soccer and baseball fields with moles, and farmers that have problems with ground squirrels in orchards or threatening livestock.   There are no traps left to be damaged or checked and large areas can be covered quickly.