Myths About Bats

Bats! Creatures of the night and creatures of fright.  With so many rumors and myths circulating the web, here are just a few myths about bats and the real facts.


Myth #1:  Bats are blind.

Many people believe that because bats are nocturnal that they also have poor vision.  Bats actually see better than humans.  Excellent eyesight combined with echolocation makes the bat a truly stellar predator!

Myth # 2:  Bats are just rodents with wings.

Bats are actually mammals with wings.  Bats are actually the only mammal that can truly fly.  With over 900 species of bats they make up almost 20% of all mammals.

Myth #3: Most bats have rabies

While contact with a bat should be taken very seriously the actual percentage of bats having rabies is only 1-5% on average.  However, rabies is fatal after symptoms have set in.  While bats on average have low rates of rabies, always consult a physician when there is the possibility a member of the household has come in contact with a bat.

Myth #4: Bats eat thousands of mosquitos every night.

Mosquitos make up only a small portion of a bats diet.  Bats primarily feed on agricultural pest like beetles, moths, potato bugs and more.  This is a great benefit as healthy bat populations help reduce the need for heavy pesticide use on commercial farms.

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