Rattlesnake Safety-Sacramento

By Sydney Stephenson

May 21, 2018

As the warmer weather approaches many creatures begin to come back out to bask in the warm sunshine, including rattlesnakes.

Here in Northern California, snakes cause a huge warrant for safety in hotter months due to the fact that they are not confined to rural and underdeveloped areas. Snakes are commonly found in urban areas such as parks, golf courses, riverbanks, and more!  Rattlesnake removal is common in Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn and warmer parts of Nevada County.

Of the approximate thirty-three native snakes to Northern California, only a few of them are venomous to human. The most venomous of the snakes found in Northern California is the common rattlesnake. Other non-venomous snakes known to be native to Northern California are snakes such as the California King snake, Gopher snake, Coachwips, Sharp-Tailed snake.

The best thing to do when in an area snakes are known to be in, is to be aware of your surroundings and the weather around. A few things to be conscientious about are:

When hiking, be sure to stay on trails

Be sure to step ON logs and rocks, do not step over them

Avoid tall grass and underbrush

Don’t grab sticks in lakes and rivers, snakes can swim!

Rattlesnakes are not naturally aggressive reptiles. They only tend to bite when feeling threatened or when hunting for food. This however does not mean that rattlesnakes are safe. In the event of getting bit by a rattlesnake, it is important to contact emergency medical personnel immediately. While waiting for medical personnel, be sure to take all bracelets, rings, hair ties, and anything else that can cause a threat to cutting off blood flow at the infected area due to swelling. Never try to “suck the venom” out with your mouth.

If you are looking for ways to deter rattlesnakes from your property, keep weeds and plants cut low to avoid overgrowing where a snake can easily hide in. Remove piles of wood and debris.  Especially larger flat peices of wood or sheet metal.  The large surface area collects sunglight and keeps snakes warm. This can be another home for a snake. Remove trash, bird feeders, and any harborage that can attract rodents.  Attracting rodents brings snakes looking for prey.  On larger properties reducing the number of gophers, moles, and other burrowing pest can also lower a snakes desire to be in an area.

On your home itself, garage door sweeps and foundations should be secured to prevent snake entry.  Check your foundation vents, crawl space doors  If you have an need for rattlesnake removal, snake prevention, rodent extermination or need to know how to keep snakes out of your house or garage, give us a call!  We work in Nevada Country, Placer County, and Parts of Sacramento County!



King Snakes are known for eating rattlesnakes!

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