Why Exclusion?

“I Don’t Have a Wildlife Problem. Why Should I Use Exclusion to Protect Against Them?”

It’s a common question that we hear all the time. Why worry about wildlife if you’ve never had a problem in your property before?

Because we’ve seen time and time again where people who’ve never had a problem have one show up seemingly out of nowhere. There’s a first time for everything, as they say.

What Causes Problems?

  • • Structures settle over the years, causing small cracks to open.
  • • The weather can beat against a home, wearing down and through the structure.
  • • Animals themselves can be persistent, clawing against weak spots until an opening is made.
  • • Falling limbs, rocks, and more can cause unseen damage to your structure.

The fact of the matter is that your property could have any number of potential access points just waiting for wildlife to exploit them, and many of them are either out of site or invisible to the untrained eye.

The Gold Country Solution

At Gold Country Wildlife, we offer full-spectrum exclusion services for your property from the roof on down. Using industry-leading products and techniques, we ensure that your home or business is securely sealed against entry from animals, and all of our work comes with a full warranty.

Learn more about our Bat Exclusion Service and Bird Exclusion Service today!