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At Gold Country Wildlife Control, we treat rodent removal and animal removal a little different than most.  We offer a long term alternative solution to conventional rodent pest control methods.  If you want long term rodent control in the Sacramento area we are the company for you.

Do you have a rat in your attic? That is a problem, but the real problems is how did a rodent get in your house in the first place?

When you hire us, we take you through a 4 step process to get rid of your rodent issue. . .


  1. Wildlife Damage Inspection: This is where your animal removal service really begins.  When you have a rodent issue, we will check your home from top to bottom to determine where they are entering and other potential entry points.  Your technician will check the roof, attic, foundation, and the crawlspace and determine the spread and severity of the infestation.  This gives us information on the species if it is rats or a mouse infestation.  Maybe it’s something else!.  Proper species identification is necessary for proper trapping programs.  We will alert you of rodent entry points and common gaps and entries on your home.  At this point we will explain our methods of sealing the opening, give you an estimate, and schedule further services.
  2. Animal Proof Repair Exclusions: After we have determined the real problems (where animals can get in your house).  You will then be given a proposal to fix the potential rodent entry points. Our technicians will skillfully secure weak spots in your home including vent screening, pipe and chimney capping, deck screening, drip edge, foundation gaps, and much more.  We use high quality materials like steel, rodent specific fillers, concrete, and quality adhesives.  At Gold Country Wildlife Control we never use foam, steel wool, chicken wire, cheap silicone caulk, or other low quality materials.  We do our repairs to last and offer warranties on work done to give you peace of mind.
  3. Rodent Removal Process: Our intense rodent trapping program goes above and beyond industry standard and can include a habituation phase, active rat trapping, and a light cleaning phase.  We employ high trap numbers, remove and dispose dirty traps, and have a variety of specialty traps unconventional to general pest control companies.  We are often called in for “trap shy rats” and have a variety of different methods and traps.  Rodent prevention and extermination is a service we take above and beyond the normal standards.
  4. Animal Waste Removal Service: Our process ends with recommended cleaning the attic of rodent feces. Insulation may be removed and replaced due to damage from urine.  Rodents can carry many disease, but we are not doctors.  If you have concerns that your health maybe affected, please contact your Doctor.  For more on diseases in Rodents, visit the CDC link here: you for taking the time to understand our process. Please mention the “Get Me Rat Free” Discount to get $25 off your rodent exclusions!


We pride ourselves on providing a full service rodent extermination program that will provide you with long term results.  If you are in need for a truly high quality, long term approach that will reduce or eliminate rodents, rats, mice, bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks and take care of your other Animal Removal Services, give us a call or email.

Rat Trapping Tip:  The most common made mistake that home owners make is. . . . . . overbaiting.    Many people believe that more bait will attract rodents.  But a small amount of bait forces the rodent to step on the pan to get to the food.  Location is more important than anything!

A properly baited rat trap